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Introduction - Demographics

Missouri Population Age 65 and Over, percent Female, by County, 2010
Percent of Female-headed Houseolds by County, 2009

Population by Age & Sex, 2009
Population by Age
Population by Race
Marital Status
Median Age at First Marriage


Health & Well-being

Abortion Rate Per 1,000 Pregnancies by County, 2008
Breast Cancer Death Rate Per 100,000 Females by County, 1998-2008
Women's Preventable Hospitalizations, Diabetes Rate Per 10,000 by County, 2008
Infant Deaths per 1,000 live Births by County, 2005-2009
Percent Women (18-64) Uninsured with Household Income <200 Percent of Poverty by County, 2007
Unintended Births Per 100 Live Births by County, 2008

Medicaid Recipients by Age and Sex, 2004-2008


Workforce & Education

Percent of Females 18 Years or Older with an Associate's Degree or Higher by County, 2005-2009
Percent of Women in the Labor Force by County, 2009
Percent Male Median Income Earned by Females by County, 2005-2009
Ratio of Women's to Men's Earnings by County, 2009
Ratio of Women to Men Enrolled in Higher Education by County, 2009-2010
Ratio of Women to Men Completing a Degree in Higher Education by County, 2009-2010
Ratio of Women's to Men's Earnings for College Graduates by County, 2009-2010
Ratio of Higher Education-Enrolled Women's to Men's Earnings by County, 2009-2010

Levels of Educational Attainment


Economic Justice

Child Care Assistance by County, 2009
Children Receiving Subsidized Child Care by County, 2009
Percent of All Child Support Payments Paid, 2009, by County
Females 65 and Younger Living Below 200% Poverty Level by County, 2007
Births to Teens, Ages 15-19, 2009
Percent of Births to Mothers with No High School Diploma or Equivalent by County, 2009

Ratio of Women's to Men's Earnings by Occupation, 2004 and 2009
Percent of Missouri Population in Poverty Status by Age and Sex, 2009
Child Support Collections in Missouri, 2005 - 2010
Births to Teens Ages 15 - 19, 2000 - 2009


Civic Engagement

Estimated Percentage of Female Registered Voters Participating in November 2008 General Election
Registered Voters, Estimated Ration of Women to Men by County, November 2008
Missouri Counties with a Female commissioner, 2011
Missouri State Representatives Who are Women by Missouri Representative District, 2011
Missouri State Senators Who are Women by Missouri Senate Districts, 2011
Women's Representation in Missouri's Court of Appeals by District, 2011
Percent of Missouri School Board Members Who are Women, 2010-2011 Academic Year by Region
United States Representatives who are Women by US Representative District, 2011

Volunteer Rate by Gender, 2007 and 2009
Volunteer Rate by Age Group, 2007 and 2009